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 Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Complex
 Dr. Hedgewar Hospital
 Sadhu Vaswani Mission Medical Complex
 Some of the other prominent projects include :
    Hardikar Hospital, Ratna Hospital, Poona Hospital, several private clinics and others.
 Functional efficient planning which can only come from experience in this highly specialised building type.
 Use of atrium to light up the interiors and to add cheer in otherwise this serious business.
 Wide variety of speciality and general hospitals.
 Close interaction with the doctors is a key to the success of a hospital design.
 Different settings from urban to rural.
Client : Lata Mangeshkar Medical Foundation.
Location : Erandwana, Pune.
Type of Hospital : General Hospital with multiple operation theaters
Year of Execution : 2000-2001.
Phase I : 405 beds completed.
Project Outlay : Rs. 22 Crores.
Inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Atal Bihari Bajpai.
This project was inaugurated at the hands of Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee on the 1 Nov 2001 and is a landmark in Pune. It is acclaimed as one of the best Medical Complexes in the country. The project is a landmark in innovative planning and outstanding architectural design.
Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital is a multi-discipline General hospital. Complex has two phases and after completion of Master plan hospital will have around 1000 beds. In the first phase, present building is complete by itself and has all medical disciplines at outpatient, diagnostic and treatment levels.
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Basement has vehicle parking and services. Ground, first and second floors cover outpatients areas, diagnostic facilities and treatment areas. These include emergency admissions, consulting rooms, path labs, radiology, and other diagnostic spaces, operation theatres, intensive care areas and supporting spaces. From the third floor up are inpatient areas at Ward, Semi and Special rooms. At eighth floor there is a Rehab center and an auditorium.
Large waiting spaces support independent zones for staff and patients.
Hospital is designed in 4 wings around an atrium. This atrium at ground floor has public space and at upper floors rising corridors which look down on to the lobby at Ground Floor.
On every floor each wing is an independent self sufficient work space. Movement by staff and patients is taken out of ring corridors and lobbies away from the common areas. This eliminates noise and bustle that is normally found in public areas and hospital spaces.
The present building has a capacity of 450 plus beds supported by diagnostic and treatment facilities at ground, first, and second floors. An identical building is planned in the Master plan behind the present one as building as Second Phase.
There are 6 elevators, out of which, one is a passenger/fire lift, 5 are bed stretcher lifts, and a dumb waiter for container movement. In the layout, Ganesh temple, ground water resources, electric sub-station, security, genset, are provided. There are wide internal roads and sufficient casual parking with controlled employment.
Client : Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vaidyakiya Pratishthan.
Location : Aurangabad.
Total Planned Capacity : 450 Beds.
Total Estimated Outlay : Rs. 26 Crores.
Type of Hospital : General Hospital
Year of Execution : 1998-1999.
Phase I : Completed outlay Rs. 10 Crores, Capacity - 180 beds.
Sadhu Vaswani Mission Medical Complex consisting of Inlaks & Budharani Hospital, Cancer Hospital, Ophthalmic Hospital, Staff Quarters with all services & infrastructure.
Client : Sadhu Vaswani Mission.
Location : Koregaon Park, Pune.
Total Planned Capacity : 300 Beds.
Total Estimated Outlay : Rs. 23 Crores.
Type of Hospital : General Hospital, Cancer Hospital, Ophthalmic Hospital
Works Completed : General Hospital, Cancer Hospital, Staff Quarters, work in progress for Ophthalmic Hospital Inlaks.
Budharani Hospital Inaugurated by Mother Teressa.
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