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V. V. Architects
The Company has vast experience in design and creating multidisciplinary projects. Some of the areas in which it's contribution has been recognised are Hospital, Public Utility Building,Industrial Architecture, Memorials, Corporate Office Complexes, Township Planing etc.

 Industrial Architecture
 Green Building
 Residential & townships
 Corporate Offices & banks
 Public Memorials
Green is the word
 Grundfos, again a Danish company, happened next.

 By now we were familiar with the `energy efficiency' aspect of buildings. We submitted our proposal. The concept was that of a very long building...

 The concept was that of a very long building organic in form with circles and ellipses as staircases and roof punctures.
Registered Office
26, Amar Society, Gulmohar path, Off. Law College Road, Erandwane, Pune 411004.
Tel. No. : + 91 - 20 - 2543 3879, 25431039
Fax No. : + 91 - 20 - 2544 6759
Email : vva@vvarchitect.com
Chennai Office
New no. 6 (Old no. 5/6) Kilpauk garden road, 1st street, Kilpauk, Chennai 600 010. Contact Person : Ms. Vineeta Tel. No. : + 91 - 44 - 2647 5577 Fax No. : + 91 - 44 - 2644 3723 Email : chennai.vva@vvarchitect.com
 Insulated walls & roofs
 Double glazing
 On site energy generation by solar &   wind
 Daylight & view for all
 Integrated landscaping (indoor &   outdoor)
 Rain water harvesting
 Sewage & water treatment plants
 Shading devices
 Energy efficient airconditioning
 Water saving toilet fixtures
 Drip irrigation & sprinklers
 Sensor Operated Lighting
 Zero Discharge / Sustainable Sites
 Use Of Local Materials
Why Us
  35 years of service to more than 500    clients
  Turnkey projects with total    consultancy
  Team of professionals and consultants
  Multicultural exposure and expertise
  International tie-ups ?Germany,    Denmark
  Environmental friendly world class    solutions
  Two Platinum & Three Gold Rated Green    Buildings
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26,Amar Society,Gulmohar path,Off. Law college road,Erandwane,Pune 411004. Tel.No.: +91-20-2546 1039 Fax No.: +91-20-2544 6759 Email : vva@vvarchitect.com
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